What Goes Where

Airport Dump:
Air Conditioners and Ductwork, Ceramic Tile, Construction and Demolition Debris, Drywall, Empty Gas Cylinders, Fiberglass Boats and Insulation, Glass (large pieces), Large Appliances, Motor Vehicles and Tires, Paint Cans (empty metal), PVC, Rubble and Fill, Scrap Metal, Sinks and Tubs.
Tynes Bay:
Cardboard and Paper Waste, Couches, Wooden Furniture, Mattresses, Household Refuse, Lumber, Plastic (non PVC) and Pallets.
Marsh Folly:
Animal Bedding (used), Horticultural Waste, Roots and Tree Stumps.
Recycling Centre:
Aluminum and Tin Cans, Batteries (Car, Boat and Household), Glass Jars and Bottles, Scuba Dive Tanks and Small Electronic Appliances (CPU’s, Laptops and Cell Phones).
Contents per dumpster must be limited to those accepted at the respective waste facility. If other materials are included, and manual sorting becomes necessary, there will be an additional $40 per hour charge billed.
For regular bin usage. In the event of a special requirement to move hazmat or items from the below please contact us ahead of time and we’ll work with you to find the best way to get it done.
· Animals
· Antifreeze
· Asbestos
· Chemical products
· Hazardous waste
· Herbicides & pesticides
· Industrial waste
· Oil filters
· Other flammable liquids
· Petroleum-contaminated soil/lead paint chips
The following items have been designated restricted by the Bermuda Government. While we can dispose of them for you, we must be notified in advance, they must be clearly separated, and an additional handling charge may apply in some cases
· Aerosol cans
· Batteries – we take in for recycling!
· Chemical products
· Contaminated oils (mixed with solvents, gasoline, etc.)
· Fluorescent/Energy Saver light bulbs and ballasts
· Lubricating/hydraulic oil
· Paint/Solvents in cans
· Transmission oil
For more information, please click here for a complete list of dumping guidelines provided by the Bermuda Government.