The average Bermuda car can transport 1.2 cubic yards of waste. That means our dumpsters can hold 8, 10, 13, 16, 18 and 25 carloads respectively – not to mention the savings on fuel, tires and most importantly, your time! And don’t forget the savings on having a single dump fee for Marsh Folly or the Airport.

When deciding which sized dumpster you’d like to order, just remember that the margin difference in cost between a 10-yard dumpster and a 30-yard dumpster is not that much. The majority of the cost is in delivering the dumpster, so it’s always smart to get a bigger one just in case. It will cost a lot more if you have to order a second!

Available Dumpster Sizes
All prices include a delivery day , 3 days rental, a collection day and dumping at the appropriate waste facility (five days total).Facilities include: Tynes Bay, Marsh Folly, Airport Dump or the Recycling facility.
Prices do not include the Dump Fees levied by the Bermuda Government.
These will be billed following the waste drop-off.
Additional Daily Rental Fee:
10 Yard $10       –      12 Yard $15       –      16 Yard $20
19 Yard $25       –      21 Yard $30       –      30 Yard $35

Discounted contract pricing also available.